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Stranger Things

The Quiksilver x Stranger Things collection takes us back to the raw energy of 1986 in a series of era-inspired releases and short film starring the Quiksilver team on a road trip to the upside down.

1986 collection

This Quiksilver x Stranger Things capsule resurrects designs from a time when surf culture had it all, from pop prints to rock n’ roll grit.
For those with a darker side, these Stranger Things x Quiksilver editions twist 1986 to reflect the Upside Down.

Character Wardrobe

These era-authentic styles were recreated from our design vaults for Netflix and worn in the show by characters like Argyle, Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, Max Mayfield and Mike Wheeler.
Turn your 80s surf vibe up to the max in these wardrobe designs inspired by the characters from Stranger Things 4.

Surfer Boy Pizza

Hot Quiksilver x Stranger Things looks delivered to your door. Real merch for Surfer Boy Pizza staff, available now.
Not just reserved to the Surfer Boy Pizza staff t-shirt and visor worn by Argyle in the show, this limited collection serves up fresh takes on our Original Highlite Arch boardshorts and more. Dial some up.

Lenora Hills Surf Club Collection

Pastel madness. High hip bikinis. Massive hair. Lenora Hills Surf Club captures the height of '80s So-Cal surf fashion.
With original fonts and block prints, Lenora Hills Surf Club is an era-legitimate way to keep surfing strange.

Hellfire Surf Club Collection

Dungeons and skulldrags for beach-going ratbags. This is the rock n' dice roll of the Quiksilver x Stanger Things collaboration.
A dark look into the skull side of surfing - Hellfire rolls the dice and comes up 666.